One-to-one sessions

These sessions have been invaluable in helping us to understand all our dog’s needs. Sam’s advice has enabled us to build stronger bonds and adapt to each of their different learning styles. Our older rescue boy Oscar can be quite reactive out on walks, but with Sam’s help we have learnt how to manage any reactivity and our walks are much more enjoyable. When Nellie reacted badly when our other boy died, Sam helped us with managing that adjustment. We’ve since learned that Nellie can be quite anxious and each training activity needs breaking down into small steps. Sam has helped us adapt to Nellie’s learning style and pace which has helped us to set her up for success. Finally, when we welcomed our new puppy Rosie, who couldn’t be left for even 10 seconds, we enlisted Sam to help us settle her in. Following Sam’s advice, within days we had a happy, calm and relaxed puppy who was able to be left for several minutes. Sam’s one-to-one training is not only great for dogs, it has also been great for us as owners because we now feel much more confident too! Oh, and our dogs adore her!

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